• USS LST-206 and LST-22 at Leyte, Philippines
    USS LST-206 and LST-22 at Leyte, Philippines

    Soldiers unload materials off the ramps in October 1944. (U.S. Coast Guard photo; U.S. National Archives, NARA FILE #: 026-G-3738 WAR & CONFLICT BOOK #: 1210; navsource.org)

  • The LST Memorial 325
    The LST Memorial 325

    The LST Memorial 325 in Evansville, Indiana.

  • USS LST-134
    USS LST-134

    Prior to the Normandy invasion, June 1944. (US Army Photo; navsource.org)


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The United States Landing Ship, Tank (L.S.T.) Association was started in 1985.  Its membership is composed of Navy and Coast Guard veterans who served in the Amphibious Forces aboard LSTs in World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Cold War, and into the twenty-first century.  We also encourage family and friends of LST veterans, as well as anyone else interested, to join as associate members.  Membership is open to the public. Become a member today!




The United States LST Association has two goals:

  • To reconnect LST shipmates and renew old friendships through our annual reunions and through our quarterly newsletter LST Scuttlebutt. We also try to assist in tracking down former shipmates with our list of current members and associate members.
  • To reach out and connect the younger generations of LST Navy veterans to each other through our web site. Our mission is to preserve their history. We highly encourage relatives, loved ones, friends, and simply anyone interested in the history of LSTs, to join as associate members! Join online now to start receiving your LST Scuttlebutt magazine!



Because we need to carry on their legacy! You never know, there may be a family member or close friend of another LST veteran that knew your loved one and is looking for you!

  • We need friends, family, historians, authors, and anyone interested in LSTs, to be their voice, especially as the numbers of the original LST veterans from World War II continue to dwindle as the years pass.
  • To connect with other families and find out the men that served with your LSTer.

Since it formed in 1985, thousands of family members have connected to each other thanks to the National U.S. LST Association. We always hear the stories of people seeking out and finding information on LST veterans, and the people who knew their grandfather, uncle, father, friend, etc. Many of those friendships that form through the Association have lasted a lifetime.

We’re here to help connect you! Join the National LST Association today, because there could be others just like you trying to find you!

One last thing is worth keeping in mind, because looking back on it can make us proud. These men of the Greatest Generation, and those from the Korea/Vietnam conflicts, were our family. For a generation of men that did so much for us, we owe them a debt of gratitude. Their lessons they taught us, and the stories they’ve told of fighting vicious enemies, where the freedom of the world hung in the balance—deserve to be remembered.

“Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it.” - Edmund Burke 



If you have any current addresses of former shipmates, we would like to add them to our mailing list. Please send their name and address to our National Headquarters at Nehemiah Communications, Inc., 101 Rice Bent Way #6, Columbia, SC 29229, (803) 865-5665


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